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AdvertentieChecker V4.8.2 / AdvertentieChecker Pro V4.8.2

The AdvertentieChecker app targets the Dutch auction website Marktplaats.nl. The main purpose of this app is to save the user time by providing a notification in case a new item based on a predefined search criteria is available. Furthermore, single items can be tracked for new bidding's and change of status. Finally, this app provides Bol.com products for a number of categories. This app is only available in Dutch.

marktplaatschecker main v460 240x427marktplaatscheckersearchriterialist v410


Main menu options:

  • New - create a new search criteria.
  • Save - save the current search criteria.
  • Search - displays the result of the current search criteria.
  • Search Criteria - displays the list of saved search criteria.
  • Favorites - displays the list of favorite items.
  • Tracking - displays the list of tracked items.
  • Notifications - displays the list of available notifications.

Depending on the screen size, less or more menu items are visible. The non visible menu items are accessible via the menu button on your device.


marktplaatscheckeradlist v410


Bol.com products

For a number of categories, bol.com products can be retrieved to compare them:

- Books
- Audio
- Books
- CD's/DVD's
- Computers
- Garden
- Games/software
- Toy's
- Telecommunication


- Android 4.0.3 and above.
- No account needed.
- Notifications on predefined search criteria.
- Main category and sub category selection for a search criteria.
- Pullup for more search results.
- Tracking of single items for new bidding's.
- Image gallery.
- Open ad in Marktplaats app (Pro only).
- Landscape and portrait screen orientation support.

Get the AdvertentieChecker app directly from Google Play.
Get the AdvertentieChecker Pro app directly from Google Play.