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Digital Clock Widget V1.1.0

clock icon quakeThe Android Digital Clock Widget is a digital clock displaying the current time with a configurable font from popular games like Counter Strike, Quake, Tomb Raider and many more. You can choose between two different widget sizes (2x1 and 3x2), 10 different fonts and 20 different background themes. The date & time format, text color and text shading can be changed as well.

The following fonts are available:
- Counter Strike
- Diablo
- Quake
- Raven
- Sims
- Starcraft
- Tomb Raider
- Unreal Tournament
- Warcraft
- Wolfenstein

clockwidget screen1clockwidget screen2

clockwidget screen3

- Android 2.1 and above.
- 2 different widget sizes.
- 10 different popular game fonts.
- 20 different backgrounds.
- Adjustable text color & shading.
- Adjustable date & time format.

Read 'How to create a Clock Widget' to learn everything you need to known to develop an Android Clock Widget yourself.

Get the Digital Clock Widget directly from Google Play.