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Star Wars Clock Widget V4.1.0

icon_starwarsThe Android Star Wars Clock Widget is a digital clock displaying the current time with a configurable Star Wars font. You can choose between 7 different widget sizes (including a X-Wing, Darth Vader, Droid and R2D2 widget), 6 audio effects, 8 different fonts and 20 different background themes. The widget background, date & time format and text color can be changed as well. The X-Wing widget displays not only the time but also battery statistics and the free RAM and Sd-card space.

Use the buttons on the right to toggle between the battery statistics, free RAM/SD-card and time. With the buttons on the left, the time and date format can be altered. At the button of the widget a counter is displaying the number of updates after the start of the widget.

The following fonts are available:
- Aurek Besh
- Shadow of Xizor
- Star Wars Episode I
- Star Wars Jedi
- Star Wars Jedi Hollow
- Star Wars Jedi Outline
- Star Wars Jedi Special Edition
- TIE Wing

starwarsclockwidget 1 v400 480x853starwarsclockwidget 4 v400 480x853

starwarsclockwidget 3 v400 480x853starwarsclockwidget 7 v400 480x853

- Android 4.4 and above.
- 7 different widget sizes.
- 6 different audio effects.
- 8 different Star Wars fonts.
- 20 different backgrounds.
- Adjustable text color.
- Adjustable date & time format.

Read 'How to create a Clock Widget' to learn everything you need to known to develop an Android Clock Widget yourself.

Get the Star Wars Clock Widget directly from Google Play.