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Battery Widget V4.0.0

battery_iconThe Android Battery Widget brings real time graphical visualization of your battery to your phone. On your home screen you will see a circle indication the battery level. The color of the widget shifts gracefully from green (100%) to yellow (50%) and finally turns red (0%). Tap on the widget to see the three (Level, Temperature and Voltage) real time updated graphs on the first screen. Swipe to the second screen and you will see the SDCard - and Memory usage. You can choose between a small widget (1x1), a medium widget (2x1) or a large widget (2x2).

The background color of the first screen (see screenshot 2 and 3) are also based on the battery level and is updated real time. The battery data history will be displayed for a maximum period of 24 hours. Tab on either the 'Battery Level', 'Temperature' or the 'Voltage' table row to switch between the different graphs. The SDCard / memory (see screenshot 4 and 5) data will be displayed for a maximum period of one hour. Tab on either the 'SDCard Usage' or the 'Memory Usage' table row to switch between the different graphs. Via the menu button you can enter the Settings, Clear the current collected history and go to the About box.





- Android 2.1 and above.
- Real time update of battery level, temperature, voltage, SDCard - and Memory usage.
- Three different widget sizes. Small (1x1), Medium (1x2) or Large (2x2).
- Swipe between the both screens.

- Collected data is persistent even after a power off.

- Set an alert notification for the battery level.
- Set temperature unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
- Adjustable the graph color.

Read 'How to create a Battery Widget' to learn everything you need to known to develop an Android Battery Widget yourself.

Get the Battery Widget (with a 30 days trial period) directly from Google Play.