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Star Trek Clock Widget V4.3.0

Star Trek Clock Widget iconThe Star Trek Clock Widget is a digital clock displaying the current time in a configurable Star Trek language and as stardate. For the ordinary widgets, you can choose from 20 different languages, 20 different background themes and from 6 different widget sizes. The text color and time format can be changed as well. There is an amazing LCARS widget displaying date/time, battery & SD card statistics and the stardate. This LCARS widget has five different background themes, including a brand new Into Darkness theme! Furthermore, audio effects are present for the LCARS widgets.


Star Trek Clock Widget Love the look of this app, best customer service I've ever had as well.

Scott, April 26th, 2013


Love it

This is great for all trekkie geeks just like me. Even better since you've added the extra sound affects.

Dave, January 1st, 2013



Just stumbled upon this app, decided to test it and am very happy I did! Was looking for a stardate display for a long time now. Makes my "tricorder" looks real, LOL!

March 29th, 2012

The following languages are available:
- Ba'ku
- Borg
- Fabrini
- Federation
- Gallaudet
- Gornathon
- Klingon
- Klinzhai
- Klinzhai Hollow
- Malcorian
- Medusan
- Preservers
- Romulan
- Son'a
- Starfleet
- Star Trek Binar
- Star Trek Next Generation
- Swiss 911 (LCARS look)
- Tholian
- Tkan

startrek screen1v350startrek screen4v350

startrek screen5v350startrek screen3v350

There are six different widget sizes available:
- Star Trek Clock Widget LCARS: 4x2 widget displaying the date/time, stardate and battery statistics.
- Star Trek Clock Widget Large: 3x2 widget displaying both the time and stardate.
- Star Trek Clock Widget Medium: 3x1 widget displaying only the time.
- Star Trek Clock Widget Small: 2x1 widget displaying only the time.
- Stardate Clock Widget Medium: 3x1 widget displaying only the stardate.
- Stardate Clock Widget Small: 2x1 widget displaying only the stardate.

LCARS Audio effects:
- A general audio enabled period settings.
- Battery alert (part of Audio Battery Settings).
- Battery power (un)plugged (part of Audio Battery Settings).
- Battery level increasing (part of Audio Battery Settings).
- Battery full (part of Audio Battery Settings).
- Time interval for 1, 5, 15 and 60 minutes (part of Audio Interval Settings).
- Change of a setting results in a re-initialize sound (part of Other).
- Change of time or timezone (part of Other).

- Android 4.0.3 and above.
- 6 different widget sizes.
- 20 different Star Trek languages.
- 20 different backgrounds themes.
- 5 different amazing LCARS backgrounds themes.
- Stardate support.
- Adjustable text color.
- Adjustable time format (12/24 hours).

Read 'How to create a Clock Widget' to learn everything you need to known to develop an Android Clock Widget yourself.

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