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AdMob Statistics App 1.2.0

The AdMob Statistics App displays Management Information for your AdMob Ad, Campaign and House Ad statistics and presents your data as charts.

Statistics Main ScreenStatistics Site List

The Statistics app makes use of your AdMob account. If the app is started for the first time, the Manage screen will be presented automatically. Here, you need to fill in your AdMob email and password. After saving the account settings, you are ready to see your statistics.

For the Ad- and House Ad lists counts that depending on the type of app/site, the icon differs. In case of an Android app (based on the Android Package URL prefix 'market://details?id='), the icon is an android otherwise a globe. For the Campaigns, you will see in all cases a folder icon. The lists are cached during the execution time of the app. Select the refresh menu option to renew one of the lists if needed.

Statistics Site StatisticsStatistics Stacked Chart

Chart Date Range:
The chart title contains beside the selected item, the date range from and to date. Furthermore, date ranges at the bottom of the chart are implemented as follows:
- Today you see the actual date.
- Last 7 days you see the actual dates.
- Last 30 days you see the start date combined with the end date of the week.
- Last 90 days you see the number of the month.

The charts are retrieved via a third party service. If no data or invalid data is retrieved, a no data available message is displayed.

- Android 2.1 and above.
- Support for Ads, Campaigns and House Ads per item or totals.
- Charts for all table rows.
- Stacked charts for request, impressions and clicks.
- Adjust the date range (today, last 7 days, last 30 days or last 90 days).
- Landscape and portrait screen orientation support.

Get the AdMob Statistics app directly from Google Play.