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Bubbles Live Wallpaper V3.0.0

The Bubbles Live Wallpaper displays a bubble animation. If you hit a bubble, it will pop. Shake your phone to pop the bubbles as well. You can choose from nine different themes, adjust the bubble brightness, density, direction, scale and speed.


Screen capture Bubbles themeScreen capture Bubbles theme

- Android 4.0.3 and above.
- Background color shading or current Wallpaper usage.
- Nine different bubble themes.
- Adjust the brightness of the bubbles.
- Adjust the density of the bubbles.
- Adjust the direction of the bubbles (up, down or both).
- Adjust the scale of the bubbles.
- Adjust the speed of the bubbles.
- Shake your phone or touch of the bubbles to pop them.
- Landscape and portrait screen orientation support.

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Get the Android Bubbles Live Wallpaper directly from Google Play.