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Spyro Live Wallpaper V3.0.0

The Spyro Live Wallpaper displays an animation following a Spyro curve. You can tap on the screen to alter the curve. You can choose to use your current background wallpaper or select one of the background shadings and whether you would like to have 2D or 3D effect. The accuracy, color shading, speed and curve stroke can be altered as well. Double tap on the Spyro to save it as an image. For more information about Spyro curves see here.

Screen capture Spyro curveScreen capture Spyro curve


- Android 4.0.3 and above.
- Set the background color shading or current Wallpaper usage.
- Set 2D or 3D effect.
- Selection of four different Spyro base curves.
- Adjust the accuracy of the Spyro curve.
- Adjust the color shading of the animation.
- Adjust the speed of the animation.
- Adjust the stroke of the Spyro curve.
- Double tap on the Spyro to save it as an image.
- Landscape and portrait screen orientation support.

Read 'How to create a Live Wallpaper' to learn everything you need to known to develop a Android Live Wallpaper yourself.

Get the Android Spyro Live Wallpaper from Google Play.